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The Lawyer Who Rocks

Joleen Hughes, founder and owner of Hughes Media Law Group, is a business badass. From music, to technology, to law, Joleen’s done it all, and done it well. In her new podcast, Joleen is sharing what she’s learned and taking her friends along for the ride. On The Lawyer Who Rocks, Joleen chats up fellow entrepreneurs about what they do, how they do it, and what they’ve learned along the way. From founders of startups making waves in tech and media, to authors, musicians and VC’s – The Lawyer Who Rocks is amplifying their badassery with the world at large.

Find a Lawyer Who Rocks

Feb 3, 2021

In the 2nd part of their interview, Joleen and Karim Meghji discuss the values which guide Karim’s work outlook today. After a successful trek at RealNetworks and his own startup venture, Karim developed a keen awareness about the value of company culture, which he now takes to every company he works at. Today, as the Chief Technology Officer at Remitly, Karim challenges his team to think beyond any constraints. He spends time creating value within the workplace not only to create a great workplace environment but also to create a well-rounded, prosperous business.